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Release Day - The Hockey Allies Bachelor Bid series

I'm so excited that today is Release Day! This series has been in the works for over a year, and to finally see it out in the world is awesome.

It started with an idea, sparked by a real-life bachelor auction to raise money for a gay football league, and that right away said "romance novel idea" to me in huge, blinking lights.

Working with RJ Scott, VL Locey, Jeff Adams, and Chantal Mer has been a blast. They are creative, talented, and amazing people and writers.

The stories all have different tropes, and are standalone books that can be read in any order. Our hockey players are all attending the same event, so you will see glimpses of the characters in all of the stories.


My story is SCORING SLATER, part of the Buffalo Bedlam series.

Slater Knox, enforcer for the Bedlam is my bachelor for the auction. His love? Noah Alzado.

They are:

best friends, roommates, teammates and secretly in love with each other... Will a bachelor auction tempt them to place a bid on love?

Read the full blurb for their story here. You'll find buy links and teasers too. As well as links to the rest of the series authors.

We're all living through a difficult time, and I hope these stories provide you with a nice escape. I know that I've been reading a ton over the last several weeks.

Happy reading!


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