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Second Chance Romances Promo

I love a second chance romance! The one that got away, reunited, there are so many reasons why a relationship may end and just as many for why life or circumstance may give love another chance. If you love second chance romances too, check out this binge-worthy collection from 30 LGBTQ+ authors:

In SKATING ON CHANCE, part of the Buffalo Bedlam series, a hockey defenseman gets a second shot at love with the one man he can't make himself forget, but will their second shot at love be a game-winner, or ring hollow off the post?

Here's the blurb:

Vince Forsberg hasn’t been back to Asbury Park, New Jersey in years. Not since his first serious boyfriend broke his heart. But when he receives an invitation to his childhood best friend's thirtieth birthday party, the pro hockey player is thrust back into his old haunts… and comes face to face with the one man he can’t make himself forget. Joseph Parelli always looked at Vince as the one who got away. He may have messed up once, but he’s older now and more mature. After a life-threatening experience, he knows what he wants, and who he wants. The night club manager will do whatever it takes to convince his first love to give him a second chance. Over hot days and hotter nights, Vince and Joseph rediscover each other. But when the past threatens to repeat itself, will their second shot at love be a game-winner or ring hollow off the post?


The authors taking part in the promo:

A.D. Ellis, Amy Aislin, Annabelle Jacobs, Anyta Sunday, BA Tortuga, Cara Dee, Charley Descoteaux, Charlie Cochrane, Clare London, Con Riley, Elizabeth Noble, Garrett Leigh, Irene Preston, Jackie Keswick, Jay Hogan, Jay Northcote, Jeff Adams, Kaje Harper, Leta Blake, Lillian Francis , Liv Rancourt, Marie Sinclair, Nic Starr, Rebecca Cohen, RJ Scott, RM Neil, Roan Parrish, Suki Fleet, Susan Scott Shelley, V.L. Locey

Promo runs from April 15th - 25th


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