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The Love is All anthology is back

The annual Love is All charity anthology is back with Volume 6! Ten brand new stories from bestselling and award-winning authors the celebrate the universal right to love and be loved is available now.

This year's collection included stories from BL Maxwell, Chantal Mer & Susan Scott Shelley, Connor Peterson, Gabbi Grey, Nic Starr, Sean Michael, Lee Blair, Xio Axelrod, RJ Scott & V.L. Locey, and Piper Malone.

As always, all proceeds will be donated to organizations that support and defend LGBTQIA rights. This year, we've chosen the Unity Coalition, Out Memphis, and Lucie's Place.

The anthology will only be available for a limited time.


Chantal and I co-wrote our contribution to this collection, entitled Over the Top. It's part of our Philadelphia Power series.

Here's more about our story:

Calder MacKinnon has worked hard all season, striving to be the best player for the Philadelphia Power on the ice and off. Receiving the nomination of Rookie of the Year is gratifying after a year of devoting himself to the game, and it’s the perfect opportunity to ask his year-long crush, tailor Riggs James, to design his suit and be his date to the star-studded awards show. With the pressure of the season behind him, Calder can finally relax and is free to pursue the pull that draws him toward Riggs.

Riggs has worked hard making a name for himself designing custom fashion. Saying yes to Calder’s request to a weekend-long first date in New York City, is a risk worth taking. Being among the biggest names in the game will give Riggs the chance to grow his brand and expand his clientele and experience a deeper connection with the man who’s sparked his interest through their year of flirtations.

The thoughtfulness Calder pours into their date echoes the same caring detail Riggs stitches into the clothing he crafts for the man, and Riggs is surprised by how well-suited they are. Calder finds he can open up to Riggs faster and deeper than with anyone else, and longs for more than sharing just one weekend. The threads weaving them together tempt them to wonder, have they found their perfect fit in each other?


The anthology is available at Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.


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