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Winter Love Promo

It's turned into coat weather where I live. (Goodbye, super cute autumn jacket! Hello, heavy parka, hat, & gloves). Time to bundle under blankets with a giant cup of tea and a stack of books. Books to match the season? How about 50+ stories of winter and seasonal romances?

Includes SMOLDER:

* animosity to lovers

* age gap

* a rogue chicken

* autumn into winter (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Xmas)

* rec league rugby

* found family

An unexpected discovery forces them to see each other in a new light, but can their unexpected romance lead to lasting love?

Promo is going on now through 28th November.

Authors involved include: A.D. Ellis, AJ Sherwood, Ali Ryecart, Amy Aislin, Ana Ashley, Annabelle Jacobs, Anne Barwell, Avery Cockburn, BA Tortuga, Beth Bolden, Beth Laycock, Brina Brady, Cara Dee, Chantal Mer, Charley Descoteaux, Charlie Novak, Clare London, Edie Montreux, Elizabeth Noble, Elle Keaton, Elouise East, G.R. Lyons, Gabbi Grey, Garrett Leigh, H.L. Holston, Irene Preston, Jackie Keswick, Jackie North, Jamie Lynn Miller, Jay Northcote, JJ Harper, Julia Talbot, K. Evan Coles, Keira Andrews, Lane Hayes, LC Chase, Leta Blake, Lillian Francis, Liv Rancourt, Lynn Michaels, Marie Sinclair, Meredith Russell, N.R. Walker, Nic Starr, Nora Phoenix, Reese Knightley, RJ Scott, Roan Parrish, Sam E Kraemer, Stella Shaw, Susan Scott Shelley, Talia Carmichael, TL Travis, and V.L. Locey


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