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Winter Olympics Promotion

With the Winter Olympics almost underway, I've teamed up with a bunch of LGBTQ+ romance authors to share some of our stories that have a Winter Olympics or winter sports theme.

The promo runs 2/1 thru 2/28.

Since the ice hockey is one of my favorite Olympic sports to watch AND since the NHL's All Star game is happening this coming weekend (February 5th for the game, 4th for the Skills Competition), I've contributed SCORING SLATER to the promotion because it contains both hockey and the All Star game. What's it about? Read on. :-)


Slater Knox is known around the league as the tough enforcer for the Buffalo Bedlam. His popular social media accounts and open relationship with the fans have made him one of the most beloved players in hockey. They've also earned him a spot in the All-Star game, and an invitation to be a bachelor at a charity auction. For all his living in the spotlight, he's hiding a secret... He's in love with his best friend and keeping quiet grows harder each day. Noah Alzado is the newest addition to the team, and has spent the last few months joined at the hip with his best friend Slater. Slater is everything Noah wants, but won't let himself have. They are best friends, roommates, and teammates, that's three complications too many. Plus, Noah guards his private life as fiercely as Slater shares his own. His best option is to keep his head down, help his team win, and not do anything stupid... like kissing Slater again. Everything comes to a head during All-Star weekend, where the best in the league compete for ultimate bragging rights, and at the auction, where temptation is hot enough to melt the ice. The chemistry between Slater and Noah is scorching, but can they lower their defenses enough to make a play for love?

In addition to being in the Buffalo Bedlam series, Scoring Slater is also part the Hockey Allies Bachelor Bid shared universe.

Happy reading!


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