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Love & Rugby : Season of Love series

Savor, Love & Rugby: Season of Love

Grieving the loss of his husband, Anderson Wagner has spent the past four years existing but not living. The recreational rugby club he plays in and occasional outings with his buddies are the sole bright spots. That is until he met Penn Padlowe a year ago. Sixteen years his junior, Penn ignites desires Anderson thought had died with his husband, but he’s been hesitant to take those first steps toward a life different than the one he envisioned.


The first time florist Penn Padlowe saw Anderson, he was hooked. For the past year he’s flirted and watched the intriguing man, hopeful that the pull between them will lead to something more. Penn understands the grieving process, and realizes that a relationship with Anderson could be risky, but Anderson is a risk worth taking. 


An unexpected kiss at a Halloween party changes everything. The more time they spend together, the deeper Anderson falls, grappling with guilt, desire, and the feelings Penn arouses. Each moment they share proves to Penn how good the two of them together can be, and he yearns for Anderson to see there’s room in his heart to love Penn too. With the thorns of fears piercing their relationship, can love blossom between them?

Seduce, Love & Rugby: Season of Love

App developer, photographer, and nightclub owner Wyatt Holt’s life is never dull. A frequent traveler, he’s found a home base in Philly and though opening up is difficult, friends who accept his attention-jumping self as he is. But he yearns for someone special to share things with. Someone like Rocco, the burly Italian in his rugby club who calls to Wyatt with every sparking interaction, and who seems determined to keep him at arm’s length. 


All work and no play defined chef Rocco Accardi’s life in the years since his second restaurant rose from the ashes of the first one’s failure. Thriving professionally with a team he trusts, he can relax enough to resume playing in a rec league rugby league with his longtime friends. Wyatt’s arrival mid-season tempts him to see if he can make room in his life for someone else, and to break his rule against dating someone so many years away from his own age. Though he tries to stubbornly hold out, Wyatt is hard to resist, and Rocco can’t deny the pull he feels toward the vibrant younger man.


As the holiday season unfolds, Rocco and Wyatt find more in each other than they ever imagined. But Rocco wrestles with loosening the reins at work and fears Wyatt’s penchant for jetting off on adventures isn’t compatible with a life so consumed by his business. And longing for companionship, Wyatt struggles with Rocco’s almost nonexistent work-life balance and if there's a place for him in it. Can they find a way to gift each other what they need most or will they end up alone under the mistletoe?


A Valentine's Day, second chance romance between florist Seth and landscaper Devonte. Coming February 2023

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