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Love & Rugby, the complete collection

Love & Rugby, the complete collection is here!! Love & Rugby, The collection contains the six books in the series: Spiral, Spark, Smolder, Shine, Surprise, and Swoon. 

Spiral: For two friends and teammates, one touch, one admission, one kiss, changes everything.

Spark: Workaholic Finlay and bouncer/renovation contractor Mateo are too busy for love, but an instant connection ignites a desire for more.

Smolder: An unexpected discovery forces two rival rugby captains to see each other in a new light, but can their unlikely romance lead to lasting love?

Shine: A heady summer filled with firsts, but can gentle giant Apollo and slow-to-trust Hercules believe in each other enough to be each other's lasts?

Surprise: Three men tumble into a relationship that could give them more than they imagined, but only if they learn to trust in it, and in each other.

Swoon: A kitten stuck in a tree is the catalyst for two teammates crushing on each other to face their fears and their feelings.

I love box sets, they make binge reading so easy! Spend time with the guys in the Love & Rugby series today. Visit the series page.


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