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MM Romance Box Sets

I am a huge fan of box sets. They make binge reading so easy! If you're searching for your next favorite read, or favorite series, I've teamed up with other MM romance authors to showcase a selection of our box sets. There's fifty-five in all. So many books to add to your TBR pile!

Chantal Mer and I have chosen Love & Rugby, volumes 1 and 2 for this promotion. Our Love & Rugby series is low to medium angst, and follows a group of friends who play for an inclusive rec league rugby team.

Volume One:

Spiral: For two friends and teammates, one touch, one admission, one kiss, changes everything.

Spark: Workaholic Finlay and bouncer/renovation contractor Mateo are too busy for love, but an instant connection ignites a desire for more.

Smolder: An unexpected discovery forces two rival rugby captains to see each other in a new light, but can their unlikely romance lead to lasting love?

Volume Two:

Shine: A heady summer filled with firsts, but can gentle giant Apollo and slow-to-trust Hercules believe in each other enough to be each other's lasts?

Surprise: Three men tumble into a relationship that could give them more than they imagined, but only if they learn to trust in it, and in each other.

Swoon: A kitten stuck in a tree is the catalyst for two teammates crushing on each other to face their fears and their feelings.

Check out all of the box sets here:

The promotion runs from April 1 - 30.


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