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The Candy Hearts Anthology is available now

The Candy Hearts anthology is available now! 

What's sweeter than a low angst queer romance at Valentine's Day? How about sixteen of them brought together in one anthology to help support a good cause?

Each novella in the Candy Hearts Anthology is overflowing with red-hot romance and all the good feels. And this time around, every story has a secret—a secret admirer.

The Candy Hearts Anthology will be available for a limited time, and all proceeds will benefit the Transgender Law Center and the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Find it at all major retailers or buy direct from the authors at

With stories from:

Becca Seymour, Beck Grey, Bix Barrow, Chantal Mer, D.K. Sutton, Finn Dixon, Lee Blair, Linden Bell, 'Nathan Burgoine, Nic Starr, Rain Carrington, Riley Long, Stella Rainbow, Susan Scott Shelley, Toby Wise, Victoria Gillilan

My story, Heart of the Batter, is part of my Bliss Bakery series, and is a co-workers to lovers, friends to lovers, MMM romance. Here's the blurb:

Five months after an injury ended his pro football career, retired linebacker Hart Hoffman is finding his way, both in his new career as a baker and in a life that no longer revolves around football. And he’s secretly crushing on two of his coworkers. Life is good—until his impulsive gift to one of them is misunderstood… and drags Hart into a complicated dilemma.

Toby Walker spends his days helping customers select tasty treats. Sunny and enthusiastic, he’s worked hard to rebuild his life after a difficult year. Receiving a bouquet of flowers in the midst of the worst week ever, he’s flattered and excited by the thought of having a secret admirer. Romance has been on the back burner, but this brings his protected heart to life.

Max Doleman never expected to be working at a bakery, but he loves his job, all the free cake, and the friends he’s made there. Learning he misinterpreted the intention behind the gift, he feels responsible to fix things. He’s interested in both Hart and Toby, and when Hart admits to feelings for Toby and Max, Max proposes they team up to make the fictional admirer a reality. A win-win for everyone, if all goes to plan.

As gifts are sent and received and the countdown to Valentine’s Day is on, the trio discovers a connection that runs deeper than attraction. But is it enough for Cupid’s arrow to strike them all?

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