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Sugar Crush has a new cover!

Sugar Crush, my bakery romance starring baker Gabriel and horror novelist Jack, got a new cover!

I love it! I adored the old cover, but when I started looking for images for the next books in the series (yes, new stories are coming!) I wanted all the covers to have the same feel and vibe, and so, voila!

I also can't wait to share the cover for the next book, but that will be a little while yet.

If you haven't read SUGAR CRUSH, now is a great time! It has spring/summer rec league softball, a writer who subsists on candy and coffee, the sweetest baker who is also a bookworm, and meddling friends who want everyone to be happy.

Official Blurb:

When horror novelist Jack Kramer is guilted into joining his best friend's softball team, he's not expecting to come face to face with the inspiration for his next novel. But one look at Gabriel Spencer, and his muse is off and running. Good thing too, as his deadline is looming. Shadowing the baker at work will aid his research, and for a sugar addict like Jack, Gabe's cupcakes and cookies are impossible to resist. Much like the man himself.

Voracious reader Gabriel abhors anything with blood and gore, but he's intrigued by Jack and agrees to help the author who has captivated him since the moment he spied Jack across a crowded room. Gabriel isn't expecting the white hot chemistry that builds every moment he and Jack are together, or to find they have any interests in common despite their many differences, but Jack surprises him.

The more time they spend together, the deeper their connection grows. But Gabriel doesn't know how to handle dating someone who pushes him so far outside his comfort zone, and Jack struggles with remembering a world exists beyond his keyboard. Opposites attract, but are they too dissimilar to write their own happy ever after?


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