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Love Song Release Day!

It's release day! LOVE SONG is out in the world!

Luke and Audrey's story, book 2 in the Rocked by Love series, is one that I really enjoyed writing. It's also one that I had a really hard time writing. As anyone who has suffered from piriformis syndrome knows, it's literally a pain in the butt. Well, my piriformis muscle contracted around my sciatic nerve, which sent shooting pains down my leg and into my foot, which made sitting, standing, walking, and laying down all incredibly uncomfortable.

Every day.

For three months.

I'm still dealing with it now, but thanks to a fantastic yoga sequence, I'm much better.

Anyway, Luke, stubborn, hot-head that he is, kept demanding that I tell his tale. Readers have told me that they had a hard time forgiving him after what happened in LOVE NOTES (Zander and Jayne's story, book 1 in the series) but LOVE SONG shows just why he was acting the way he was--broken hearts suck.

Here's the scoop:

He’d lost her to another man because he hadn’t admitted to his feelings. And he’d almost destroyed his band because of his broken heart. But when Luke Thompson, The Fury’s lead singer, learns that Audrey Pierce is once again single, he’s determined to do all he can to win her back.

Audrey walked away from Luke because she didn’t believe he’d stick around. She may make her living dressing rock stars, but she knows firsthand that living with one doesn’t work, especially one so involved with his fans. She’s tried moving on, but can’t get Luke out of her mind. When he swoops back into her life, old feelings return, sharper and sweeter than ever, but she’s still afraid to trust him.

Through love songs, sexy kisses, and solid determination, Luke convinces Audrey to give him a chance. When his beloved fans turn on her, Audrey expects some of the hate mail. After all, she’s dating the man voted sexiest rocker of the year. But the attacks escalate, and soon, even Luke’s support isn’t enough to make her feel safe. To protect herself, she has to let him go.

Luke must make the ultimate choice—the love of his life, or the people who support his career. If Audrey walks away, Luke knows he’ll lose her for good. Can he convince her that their love is strong enough to survive anything, or will both his love and career end on a sour note?

I hope you enjoy their story! Let me know what you think! :-)

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