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Release Day for LOVE, Philly

Today is the release day for Love, Philly. I'm so excited to be a part of this anthology!

The Love, Philly anthology celebrates the City of Brotherly Love—from the people, to the neighborhoods, to the history, and the possibilities. Love pulses in the heart of Philadelphia, and each of these stories highlight the rush of big city romance.

Each love story takes places in a different neighborhood, with their own unique quirks, characters, perspectives, and happy endings.

All Love, Philly stories are written by Philadelphia authors who share the small details that make their city so special.

All proceeds and royalties from the anthology are being donated to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society.

My contribution to the anthology is HOMETOWN HERO (book 2, The Philadelphia Frenzy series).

When tight end Xavier Brennan is asked to participate in a charity baking competition with his teammates, the pro football player is torn. He doesn’t know the first thing about baking, and he doesn’t want to become a laughingstock on national TV. But he is a team player, and he can’t say no to helping a charity, especially one so close to his heart.

Bakery owner Ashley Yates is desperate to win the competition. It’s her last hope at saving her bakery and her mother’s legacy. Being paired with an athlete known for partying makes her nervous, but he assures her that he’s committed to the cause. As they bond over shared heartache and shared recipes, their connection becomes harder to deny.

Every touch, every taste, every moment spent together holds the promise of more. But attraction is a distraction. Will working together be a recipe for love, or will they both end up getting burned?

To read an excerpt from HOMETOWN HERO and for more information on the anthology, please click here.

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