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Love Is All: Volume 2 is here!

I'm so excited to announce that Volume 2 of LOVE IS ALL is here!

Eight bestselling and award-winning authors bring you brand new stories celebrating love is love! All proceeds from the sale of the anthology will be donated to William Way, a non-profit LGBT community center serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population of the greater Philadelphia area. Featuring:

Pinups and Puppies by RL Merrill Tell Me More by Meg Bonney What If It All Goes Right by Sophia Soames Criminal Intentions: In Bloom by Cole McCade Sugar Crush by Susan Scott Shelley When Frankie Meets Johnny by Xio Axelrod The Gentleman Attraction by Connor Peterson Just One Look by Mary Calmes With a foreword by Roan Parrish

The anthology will be available for a limited time only. You can pick up your copy at $0.99 during release week, and at $3.99 for the duration of the sale.

Sugar Crush (my contribution) is a spin-off of the Philadelphia Frenzy series.

Familiar faces you'll see: Ryan and Shane Brennan (featured in Mad Scramble & Hometown Hero, as well as in Fighting For More from the Buffalo Bedlam series), and Ashley Yates from Hometown Hero.

What's Sugar Crush about?

When horror novelist Jack Kramer is guilted into joining his best friend’s softball team, he’s not expecting to come face to face with the inspiration for his next novel. But one look at Gabriel Spencer, and his muse is off and running.

Bakery assistant Gabriel abhors anything with blood and gore, but he’s intrigued by Jack and agrees to help the sexy author. He’s not expecting the white hot attraction that builds every moment they are together, or how to handle dating someone who pushes him so far outside his comfort zone.

Happiness versus horror, sunlight versus shadows, early riser versus night owl, the men couldn’t be more different. Opposites attract, but are they too dissimilar to write their own happy ever after?

I'm so excited to share this story, and this new series (the Bliss Bakery series) with you! For more information, please visit Sugar Crush's page.

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