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Free Bonus Scenes Collection

I'm so excited to share this free bonus scenes collection with you! It has brand new scenes from upcoming or favorite series and each one shares the theme of family or found family.

From RJ Scott, VL Locey, BA Tortuga, Beth Bolden, C F White, Charley Descoteaux, David C Dawson, Emy Calirel, Jacki James, JP Sayle, K. Evan Coles, Susan Scott Shelley, Chantal Mer, & Talia Carmichael.

Available only for a limited time -- May 28-31, 2021. Get your copy here.


Chantal Mer and I have contributed a bonus scene from our upcoming novella, Against the Rush, which is part of the Love Is All: vol. 4 charity anthology available on June 8th.

In this scene, you'll get to meet Jalen and Leif and some of the other characters from our new hockey series:

At a charity event for underserved hockey communities, sparks burn bright between pro player Leif and youth league coach Jalen, and with a little help from their friends, they embrace the heady rush of new beginnings.

We can't wait for you to meet Jalen and Leif, and to check out the other stories in this bonus collection!

Happy reading!

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